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Check out the gear for sale and feel free to contact me if you have any questions

All of the equipment I’m selling is of course used but in 100% working condition. I just used it last month on a job for photo and video and no problems at all. The camera is a workhorse and as well the housing.


The Nauticam Housing for the 1DX is modified with a special frame to work as handle and as an attachment point for a monitor. You could remove it but I found it easier to adjust the monitor and keep a nice buoyancy.


The DP-230 Domeport has a tiny scratch but its outside of the field of view of all the lenses I used from 15mm up to 70mm with the dome port. Was used last month without any problems.


Working with the 1DXII and the housing for quite some years now I can only recommend using the monitor with it. Not only for video. I’m using it as well for macro photography and shots where I couldn’t get in a good position with the viewfinder. It made my life so much easier. Some exceptions are Freediving shots where I used the 45° Viewfinder or sometimes only the standard viewfinder.


I used mainly 3 lenses - 100mm macro, 16-35mm II and 24-70mm II. Thats why I have two different extension rings. I tried to use only the 70 extension ring but it ended up in corner softness with the 16mm. So I bought the 80 extension ring to solve that.

Unfortunately I don’t have the zoom ring for 24-70mm anymore but if you have a 24-70mm its a great lens to use with the 1DXII underwater.


Not on the picture are some spare cables, replacement parts and maintenance stuff (grease, o-rings, etc) which will of course come with the housing. As well not on the picture is the 45° Viewfinder from Nauticam.


Why I am selling? Well, the 1DX and the Nauticam housing are great for a variety of different jobs (photo and video). And with the 502B monitor and a SDI surface cable it was even good for a smaller film production. But it's time for me to upgrade and so I have to leave the 1DXII behind.

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